NeverTRUMP Talk Radio Hosts Jump Into The Deep End

Why is NeverTRUMP Talk Radio angering listeners?

We are probably even more puzzled than you why your longtime favorite Talk Radio Show is no longer. Just from a pure financial sense, it makes none at all.

Michael Medved Now a Hillary Support
Current Hillary Supporter Michael Medved

Michael Medved (Salem Media) and Glenn Beck (Premier Radio) are the #NeverTrumpers you may be most familiar with. These two hugely successful longtime radio vets, joined by other “Katy Bar the Door” #NeverTrumpers are violating every single rule on maintaining audience and growth in talk radio.

One of our jobs is to constantly monitor media, the first is that of Talk Radio. The worst and most extreme and fanatic #Nevertrumper is Salem Media zealot Steve Douche (well that’s what we at the Hunt4TheTruth office refer to him as). Fortunately he’s only on a handful of stations late night.

Our Editor and Senior Communications Director Dirk Thompson has been in radio and television for 30 years including Talk Radio at iHeart Radio’s 610 WTVN Columbus and News Director for the RadioU Network. We’ll let him explain what they are doing wrong and why. Let’s take a ‘look behind the curtain’ and talk some ‘inside baseball’.

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