Family Banned from City “Worse than the USSR Circa 1978” Topic 3 on Tonight’s H4T VLOG

Flashback to Middle School in the 70’s. Get in your WayBack Machine. USSR: KGB apprehends and removes the innocent family from the entire city. EXCEPT this is Cambridge, England in the 200’s. Terrorized to leave by police, for what they think.


Mr. Robinson and his family of 2 young daughters and his wife had been in a pub all afternoon watching football games when a patrol of 3 Cambridge police stormed in demanding they leave the city within 30 minutes.
When you get home this evening, leave a comment I can read when we tape at the studio by 7 pm. You that went to high school between 1975 and 1985 will have some great insight, as well as my ‘Senior Cult Echelon’ who experienced #HARDCORE #COLDWAR and went to high school from 1952-1962
No charges, they stated that a ‘reporting person’ and CCTV face-recognition confirmed he had entered the city and The Mayor didn’t like his beliefs and opinions because of public speeches he had made elsewhere.

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