Review of YIVE : Your Instant Video Empire Automatic Amazon Youtube Affiliate Passive Commissions

YIVE Automatic Amazon Youtube

We reviewed the quickest way to produce YouTube video reviews. If you use reviews on YouTube to generate passive affiliate commission income, and spend hours producing them, our review of YIVE concluded you will literally save thousands of hours each year of wasted time producing, editing, and posting YouTube video reviews for your Amazon Commission.

YIVE! No Websites To Build, No Traffic To Buy, No Products To Source, No Clients To Find – Passive Amazon Income on Autopilot

Watch YIVE in action on Youtube generating passive Amazon Affiliate income

What is YIVE?

Your Instant Video Empire (YIVE) is an automated system to produce Product Review videos of products on Amazon. You choose keywords and/or ASINs and YIVE does the rest, pulling product data and reviews, building a video and uploading it to YouTube. You just collect the commissions.

Why Product Review Videos?

Buyers are searching for product review videos in their purchase journey. They will find your videos in this purchase journey and are very likely to purchase from your video, earning you commissions from Amazon through your affiliate link.

YIVE Automatic Amazon Youtube

Just 10 minutes per week can build a passive income stream each month on autopilot.

YIVE Automatic Amazon Youtube

The secret that most gurus won’t tell you is that success with any online business requires VOLUME. Producing 5 or 10 product review videos might make you a couple of dollars in commissions, but to really generate a passive income of commissions you need HUNDREDS of videos working each day to drive buyers to products.

Who Has Time For All These Steps??

  • Source Product For Review

    You have to buy the product, wait for it to arrive, then use the product.

  • Set Up Video Camera & Equipment

    You have to know how to setup your video equipment to make a video review.

  • Video Editing

    Once your video is recorded you either have to edit it yourself or pay someone to edit it for you.

  • Upload To YouTube

    You have to upload it to YouTube with the appropriate tags and meta data.

  • Add Affiliate Link

    You have to login to your Amazon Associates account and create your affiliate link and add it to the video description.


Watch YIVE build a video creation campaign for 20 products in less than 2 minutes

YIVE will automatically upload dozens of these product reviews videos to your channels each day

arrowYIVE Automatic Amazon Youtube


Google loves videos! Page 1 results for product review searches in most niches.



  • Millions of products to choose from
  • Choose by keyword, brand or ASIN
  • Add Unlimited YouTube Channels
  • Create Unlimited Videos Automatically
  • Amazon Associates link added to each video description automatically
  • Integrate with SyndLab or SyndWire for backlinks, we even add text content to go with it!


Only $297 One-Time-Payment Launch Price

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