WATCH: Trump’s weekly address sticks to forgotten infrastructure week

President Trump’s weekly address served to remind the public what this past week was supposed to be about after the White House’s infrastructure theme.

The Trump administration had dubbed the first full week of June “infrastructure week.” Each day was packed with an assortment of speeches, policy announcements and meetings centered around appropriating funding to repair and build the nation’s roads, waterways and bridges. However, the media largely ignored Trump’s infrastructure push, dedicating a great deal of coverage to Comey.

“This week I laid out a bold and exciting new vision for the infrastructure in America that will make our country faster, safer and wealthier,” Trump said in the Friday video.

Trump touted his pledge to invest $1 trillion in the nation’s infrastructure. Trump said his administration would give states and localities the ability to decide which projects they would like to pursue and how they envision carrying out that process.

Revitalizing 12,000 miles of inland waterways are at the center of the administration’s priorities for the infrastructure project. The move, Trump said, would allow agriculture, steel and energy producers to harness a domestic form of transportation that has gone by the wayside in recent years.

The president also shared his new plan to turn the air traffic control system into a self-financing nonprofit organization. The change means air traffic controllers would no longer rely on taxpayer funds to cover operating costs and would be able to improve technologies relevant to air travel at a faster pace in the private sector.

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