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It’s going to be a long week for Korea watchers. Dirk Thompson’s Hunt4TheTRUTH daily show on NEWSTALK614.com goes live at 1010AM until 210PM EST.

Those mulling what comes next should familiarize themselves with the North Korean holiday calendar, as a series of events over the next 13 days — from founder Kim Il Sung’s 105th birthday to the army’s anniversary — raise the chance of provocative action from the nuclear-armed state.


Dao, an Elizabethtown doctor, is familiar to many Kentuckians who recall his convictions on drug-related offenses in 2004.

Dr. David Dao was charged in 2005 with 98 felony drug counts for illegally prescribing and trafficking painkillers. Prosecutors claimed Dao fraudulently filled prescriptions for hydocodone, Oxycontin and Percocet.

In February, 2005, Dr. Dao surrendered his license to practice medicine in Kentucky. In 2015 the medical board lifted the suspension and allowed him to practice medicine with some restrictions. Last year, the medical board imposed even more restrictions — now he can only practice internal medicine in an outpatient facility one day a week.

Dr. Dao was also convicted on 6 felony counts of obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit and in 2005 was given 5 years probation.

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